I will have a few Links here for Websites

I Recommend for various reasons.

For now, I will place Links to my other Websites.

Each one of them is Different.

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A Lighthearted and Peaceful Oasis at Home for Morning,

Afternoon and Evening with Exquisite Photos of Flowers and Nature.

Pleasant Poems similar to Helen Steiner Rice and 7 Pages of

Quotes and Sayings - Attracting 15,000 Visitors over 20 Months.


This is a special Website with Pretty Pictures of

Flowers and Beautiful Poems and Poems with Depth of

a Spiritual Nature based on Walking with Jesus.

The Artwork is Very Pretty!


This Site is for Christians who would like to experience

more Freedom and Joy in their Walk with Jesus

that is often affected by adding religion or church-life.

There are also some very Choice Videos from YouTube

by Preachers who make a real Difference to your day!


This Website explains and describes the Reality

of Eternity and the Beauty of Heaven! Also, there is a Page

of Amazing Phenonemon that show the validity of the Bible - how

it can be trusted as a source of True Encouragement and the

Words of Jesus. There are also certain Articles of Interest

and enlightening thoughts for one's consideration.

My latest Website is called Natural Mood Levels.Info

I am taking a new direction along the lines of my interest:

Ways to benefit your brain, mood level and nervous system.

I think it will be helpful to everyone in this day and age

Pick up some TIPS there! Go to

In the last 20yrs I have been Multi-Gifted

and like to share my talents with others

to bring Inspirations and my expertise as a Researcher.

Creation of Websites has been a Passion with me

since 2010-2014.